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Nirjala Ekadashi, also known as “Bhimseni Ekadashi,” is one of the most significant and strictest fasting days observed by the Hindu community. It falls on the eleventh day of the waxing moon in the Hindu month of Jyeshtha, which typically aligns with May or June in the Gregorian calendar. This day is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and holds a special place in the hearts of devotees due to its association with spiritual growth and purification. Unlike other Ekadashi fasts, where consuming water is allowed, Nirjala Ekadashi requires a complete fast without water. The term ‘Nirjala’ literally translates to ‘without water,’ making this Ekadashi the most austere. It is believed that observing this fast offers the benefits of all 24 Ekadashis combined.

Picwale-Readymade Nirjala Ekadashi Post
Picwale-Readymade Nirjala Ekadashi Post


The story of Nirjala Ekadashi is associated with Bhima, the second of the five Pandava brothers, who was known for his immense strength and great appetite. Bhima wanted to observe all the Ekadashi fasts to gain the favor of Lord Vishnu, just like his brothers and wife, Draupadi. However, he could not sustain any fasts due to his inability to control hunger.


Troubled by his predicament, Bhima consulted Sage Vyasa, the author of the Mahabharata, for a solution. Sage Vyasa advised Bhima to observe the single Nirjala Ekadashi fast, which falls in the hot month of Jyeshtha. Vyasa explained that observing this one fast without water or food would yield the same spiritual benefits as observing all 24 Ekadashi fasts throughout the year.


The term ‘Nirjala’ is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘nir’ (without) and ‘jala’ (water), indicating the nature of the fast, which is performed without consuming even a drop of water. This makes Nirjala Ekadashi the most challenging yet spiritually rewarding of all the Ekadashi fasts.


Prepare for the Fast:
Since Nirjala Ekadashi involves a rigorous fast without water, it’s important to prepare your body. Hydrate well the day before. Eat a light and nourishing meal in the evening prior to Ekadashi.


Observe the Fast:
Begin the fast at sunrise on Nirjala Ekadashi and continue until sunrise the following day. Abstain from both food and water throughout the day.


Social Sharing:
Share your experience and the significance of Nirjala Ekadashi on social media or within your community to spread awareness and encourage others to participate.


Reflect on Your Journey:
Use this time to reflect on your spiritual and personal growth. Consider how abstaining from physical nourishment can help focus your mind and spirit.


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