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World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29 September worldwide. The World Heart Federation started the celebration of World Heart Day. It is a global campaign to educate people on how to prevent heart disease (CVD). World Heart Day is celebrated every year with a new theme. These days, such reports are widespread that someone got a heart attack while dancing, had a cardiac arrest while exercising in the gym, slept at night, and could not wake up in the morning because their heart stopped. In such a situation, it is natural to ask whether our heart stops so suddenly or does our heart gives some signal before we stop beating. So on this World Heart Day, know the symptoms that indicate heart disease, if a heart attack or cardiac arrest occurs, and what are the first aid options available before medical help can be reached. May our heart keep beating, and What necessary steps can be taken to hold our breath is going.

Picwale-Readymade World Heart Day Post
Picwale-Readymade World Heart Day Post


The main objective of celebrating this day is to raise awareness about heart disease, its prevention and its impact on people worldwide. CVD, including heart disease and stroke, claims the lives of 17.9 million people each year. Given this fact, the day highlights individuals’ actions to prevent and control CVD. This day is celebrated every year with a theme.


World Heart Day was established in 1999 by the World Heart Federation (WHF) in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO). The idea of ​​an annual event was conceived by Antoine Bayes de Luna, president of the World Heart Federation from 1997–2011. Originally World Heart Day was celebrated on the last Sunday of September. The first World Heart Day was celebrated on 24 September 2000. But world leaders decided to celebrate World Heart Day on 29 September every year in 2012 to reduce the global mortality rate by 25 percent. Since then, World Heart Day has been celebrated every year on 29 September.


Heart diseases are the leading cause of death all over the world. Heart attacks and cardiac arrest are the most common heart diseases. Many minor and major problems of the heart and circulatory system cause these, so it is essential to identify the signs related to these problems.


Climbing stairs often causes shortness of breath; in a medical language, it is called dyspnoea. If there is a problem of persistent breathlessness or shortness of breath without strenuous physical exertion, then it should be taken seriously. This can cause angina, heart attack, heart failure, and abnormal heartbeats. Because when the functioning of the heart is affected, it cannot pump as much blood as the body needs, the body responds by breathing faster so that more oxygen can come inside the body.


If you are overweight, reduce your weight; due to obesity, breathlessness increases and the pressure on the heart also increases. Eat balanced and nutritious food. Be physically active so that the blood circulation in the body can be better. If the problem is severe, get checked immediately; not only heart diseases, asthma, anxiety, cancer, chest infection, blood clot formation in the lungs, etc., can also cause shortness of breath.


Higher than average cholesterol level in the blood is the leading cause of heart attack. Due to this, fatty substances gradually accumulate in the blood vessels, which block blood flow. If the cholesterol level in the body remains high for a decade, then the risk of heart disease increases by 35-40 percent. Due to the failure of the arteries, pain starts in the heart, called angina. The risk of heart attack and cardiac arrest is also significantly increased.


Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish in your diet. Be physically active. Do not smoke and consume alcohol. Get your cholesterol level checked at regular intervals. Do not stop taking medicines to lower cholesterol without consulting your doctor.


Keeping blood pressure under control is an important way to avoid heart disease. High blood pressure increases the risk of heart-related problems, as the heart has to work extra hard to push blood through the body due to high blood pressure. This can increase the size of the heart and increase the risk of fat deposits in the arteries.


Keep your blood pressure under control. Reduce salt intake and take your medicines on time. Follow a disciplined lifestyle. Avoid stress. Do yoga and exercise regularly.
Type 1 and type 2 diabetes have uncontrolled sugar levels, increasing heart disease risk. Uncontrolled sugar levels in the blood narrow the blood vessels, increasing the risk of coronary artery disease. Damage to the arteries can lead to heart failure, heart attack, or cardiac arrest. According to the Journal of the American Heart Association report, 80 percent of people with diabetes are at risk of heart disease.


We cannot feel the pain in the heart directly; it is thought through the pain in the chest. Chest pain due to heart disease is called angina. Angina occurs when the heart muscle is not supplied with enough oxygen-rich blood. Due to this pressure being felt in the heart, it seems that someone is squeezing the heart. Angina is not a disease but a sign of coronary heart disease. Many other symptoms are also seen in a heart attack and chest pain.


If angina symptoms are getting worse, see a cardiologist immediately. By the way, chest pain can be not only due to heart diseases but also due to problems related to digestion, respiration, muscles and bones.


Then contact the doctor immediately.

Do not take the feeling of discomfort and heaviness lightly in the chest.
If there is shortness of breath and chest pain, it is a sign of danger.
Although sweating is not a disease or a bad thing, if you are suffering from excessive sweating, then contact the doctor.
If you have constant dizziness, do not consider it just tiredness or weakness. Do not take it lightly if you feel tired even after eating well and sleeping enough.
This problem also occurs due to the blockage of arteries.
Heart disease can be the cause of numbness in the arms.
Stuttering in speech can also be a severe symptom of a heart attack.
Uncontrolled heartbeat.


In a heart attack, the heart does not stop beating even though the blood supply to the muscle is interrupted, but in cardiac arrest, the heart stops. There is still a chance of survival in a heart attack, but 90 percent of people die after cardiac arrest, and only 10 percent of people survive who get treatment in time. Before getting medical help in the event of a heart attack or cardiac arrest, do the following: heart attack
Make the patient lie down.
Loosen tight clothing.
Take to the nearest hospital immediately.
Giving aspirin (300 mg) to chewing reduces the risk of death by 15-20%.
Keep checking the pulse of the patient.
Take the patient to the hospital immediately; if the patient starts to faint, start CPR immediately.


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